Embed Your Calendar Pages In Your Website

As an x.ai user, you know that your Calendar Pages are powerful tools in your battle against time management entropy. You can send one of your unlimited Calendar Page links to anyone and they can schedule a meeting with you. What you may not know is that your Calendar Pages can also be a lead generation tool, a website contact form, and a customer engagement device by displaying them on nearly any website using our updated embedding feature.

Embedding a Calendar Page allows you to put your calendar pages on your own website with just a few changes to the code. This will allow visitors to book time through your personal Calendar Pages or schedule meetings with any of your teammates using one of our Round Robin Calendar Pages – all without leaving your website! You can customize the appearance, size, and behavior of the embedded calendar pages, too. Read on to learn about it!

Embed your Calendar Page within any other page

Want to add a Calendar Page to one of your existing pages? Using simple code, you can add a scheduling widget of any size to your existing website. Here’s an example using the Calendar Page for our weekly welcome webinar (feel free to sign up!):

Register for the x.ai Weekly Welcome Webinar:

You can customize the background color and choose whether or not to display your custom welcome greeting and photo as seen in this example from one of our test accounts:

Add a scheduling button to your website

In addition to adding a calendar directly to your pages, the x.ai embeddable calendars can also be added to your page as a popup Calendar Page. Simply copy and paste the code snippet from the embed option for one of your meeting templates and it will add a button to your site wherever you put the code:

This snippet of code will be replaced by a button on your website that will open your Calendar Page when clicked without leaving your site:

Don’t like our button? No problem, you can easily update the code to display the Calendar Page when a button or buttons of your choice gets clicked.

PROTIP: If you have a WordPress website you can install the x.ai Scheduling WordPress plugin to do all of the hard work for you!

Learn more about custom embedded Calendar Pages

There are many options and customizations you can make to your embedded calendar pages. You can choose to set the location of the meeting dynamically – a great option for real estate websites, mobile businesses, and businesses with multiple locations. You can also choose to set a custom background color, set a different URL, or toggle the header of the page on or off. Whether you are embedding a Round Robin calendar page for your entire sales team, a coffee chat for your consulting business, or a real estate showing, the flexibility of x.ai embeds can accommodate you! Learn more in our help documentation.

Have you embedded x.ai’s Calendar Pages in a unique and interesting way? Show it to us @xdotai!