Setting a new $17/m price for the Individual plan

File under: you learn a lot from being in market for a year 😉

Today we’re launching lower prices for our AI scheduling assistants, Amy and Andrew Ingram. Now, CEOs, solopreneurs, creative professionals, and productivity ninjas can sign up for our Individual plan for just $17/month. You get a fully autonomous AI scheduling assistant who works 24/7, schedules unlimited meetings, and free 1:1 training for less than the cost of your monthly dose of cappuccino!

SMBs and small teams can sign up for our Team plan for $39/month/person. In addition to the Individual plan features, the Team plan lets you move Amy and Andrew to your domain and schedule meetings seamlessly and nearly instantly with coworkers. We call that scheduling nirvana.

So why the new, lower prices?

When we set out to build Amy and Andrew, our AI scheduling assistants, we did so with an ambitious (and possibly grandiose!) mission to democratize the personal assistant. That idea has had a lot of implications for us. The first was technical. We needed to build a fully autonomous AI agent, which is to say, a solution that does not require humans in the loop like most other SaaS products.  Limiting work to machines is the only way to make our agent priced for EVERYONE, not just the C-suite or SVPs at big companies who already have all the help they need.

Building a fully autonomous AI agent is hard! Honestly, much harder than we thought it would be (we’ve written about it here and here). And we’re well on our way. We’ve fully automated two dimensions—the “Reasoning” part of Amy and Andrew, which decides what action they should take to get the meeting scheduled, and the “Write” part, or Natural Language Generation, that compiles their responses on the fly.

Once we set ourselves down the path of a pure SaaS product, we had to bring our AI agent to market for all those knowledge workers – at a price point that resonated with them. When we launched, we believed (because we had asked ~5000 of our early beta users) that about $40/month for an individual subscription delivered a massive ROI and was low enough to be readily expensed. Compared to the cost of a full human personal assistant, this was not even a song, it was a lyric.

But customers are nothing if not honest, and they told us via onboarding calls, NPS surveys and direct feedback to our amazing Customer Success team that we should align our pricing to the Trello, Slack and DropBox’s of the world. We heard you. $17/m it is! 🙂.

You’ll also see that we’re rolling out an Enterprise edition, geared to big companies with big company needs like extra security and hands-on account management. Stay tuned for more news around our Enterprise product soon.

No one ever said delivering a fully autonomous scheduling agent to the world would be easy. If it was, everybody would be doing it. And they are not! So, 4 years in, I am excited to take this positive, dramatic step towards Amy and Andrew being truly available for everybody (aka priced at a level where I think the ROI really can’t be up for debate). I could be biased of course 🙂

Let’s do this!